Tips To Prevent Sports Injuries: Orthopedic Surgeon McKinney

by Administrator 22. September 2014 08:46

With an increasing number of adults and children participating in sports activities, the risk of incurring sports related injuries has increased manifold. Contact sports like football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey and other sports like gymnastics, baseball, weightlifting etc have huge potential for ankle and knee sprains, soft tissue injuries, shoulder dislocations, spine injuries and other related injuries. However, by following a few simple precautions, you can spend more time participating in sports activities rather than dealing with your sport injuries.  

  • Proper physical condition: Every sport activity has a risk of injury; therefore assuming that participating in the sport itself can get you in shape is a huge mistake. Unless you properly condition and prepare your body with regular exercising, you still are at a great risk of developing one or other form of sports injury. To avoid it, you should follow the exercise regimen designed specifically for your sport.
  • Know the rules: Contact sports like football, hockey, rugby, basketball and others have rules designed for them in order to keep things safe for those participating in sports. There are certain rules of conduct, illegal blocks and tackles that are forbidden to keep players in good shape and reducing any chance of injury.
  • Wear protective gear: Protective gears like helmets, mouth pads, gloves, mouth guards and protective pads are necessary to keep teeth, knees, head, eyes and hands safe from any potential injury. Playing without safety gear can be a huge mistake and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Take adequate rest: Athletes who follow rigorous training routines are more prone to injure their bones due to overuse of certain body parts which can make them weak due to fatigue. As a result, the body parts are unable to handle the pressure enforced on them while playing sports and this, results in injuries. Rest is critical to strengthen the bones and prevent injuries.
  • Warm up: Before you participate in sports or begin training, always warm up as warm muscles are less prone to injuries. These warm ups exercises should be suited to your sports and you should start your sport slowly and gradually.
  • Cool down: The exact opposite of warm up, a few minutes cooling down of your body once you finish training or other physical activity helps in bringing your heart rate and blood pressure to normal levels which helps in limiting any soreness in the body.
  • Stretching: If your body has poor flexibility it can result in muscle and tendon strains. Stretching your body keeps your body flexible and helps in preventing injuries.

Athletes and children undoubtedly have pressure on them to perform which can cause emotional stress but they should not neglect warning signs from their body if they are hurt or feel weak to participate in sports activities. Though these tips can be helpful in preventing sports injuries, athletes should be honest about their bodily condition with their coach.

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